The month of March is already here, but it’s September 2022 that I am most looking forward to!


Because that’s when India’s Third International React India Conference is happening! I am talking about React India 2022!

React India is a not-for-profit 3-day event that is happening from September 22- 24th in Goa. You will get to learn all the new things happening in React, React Native, Preact, Redux, GraphQL, and much more!

Even better, the event is happening right next to the beautiful Utorda Beach! No over-crowded conference halls or convention centers, but you get to learn React while relaxing on a beach and getting a tan!

So if you haven’t already done this, then go ahead and get your ticket to this amazing event, nay, an opportunity to learn and network with some of the most talented members of the React developer communities.

REACT INDIA 2022 Tickets

If you just clicked on the link above, you might have noticed that the tickets are a tad bit on the pricy side. 😟

In this post, we will see why conferences as big as React India can cost so much money and where that money is actually going. By the end of this post, I hope to convince you that the price of this event’s tickets is justified and that it is a great investment towards your future as a developer.

React India — A Conference For The People

The organizer of this event is a group called Geekabyte. They have been organizing various JavaScript and React workshops all over the country for the last 2 years.

Over 3 days, attendees will get to attend workshops and talks from Frontend and Full Stack Developers from all over the world. By this, I mean that none of the money made from this event goes to the into the organizer’s pockets.

Budget Overview React India 2019

Budget Overview 2019

Costs behind React India

Conferences, especially one as big as React India are extremely expensive to produce. And as an attendee, some of these costs remain hidden from you. Here are some details on what it takes to produce an international event such as React India.

Speakers and Attendees

You can’t have a good conference without good speakers.

React India is bringing you 25+ speakers that are traveling from all over the world, and we are covering the travel expenses for some of them. Also, accommodations are arranged for both the speakers and the attendees at the Planet Hollywood Resort for a maximum of 4-night stay.

That’s the place you will be staying at!

India is a big country with a big developer community. We do not want you to miss out on this amazing learning and networking experience just because you don’t live nearby.


React India aims towards providing an environment where people can not only learn but also have a great time. This is why the actual venue of the event is right to the beautiful Utorda Beach!

The Beach, The Hotel and that lawn area is where you will be learning React

If you are a regular conference attendee, then you know that this is something really unique as most conferences happen in big ballrooms or exhibition hall.

We are building the entire venue of the event from scratch. This involves a significant amount of logistics such as seating, lights, stage, and more.

A huge German Hanger tent will be put up right next to the beach. This type of covers a large area, but also costs a lot of money.

German Hangar

The month of September lies in the middle of Indian Monsoon Season and brings a lot of unpredictable rainfall.

But fear not! The organizers have made appropriate arrangements in case of rainfall or anything else.

We also had to acquire the appropriate AV equipment such as cameras, microphones, projectors, mixing consoles, cables etc.

React India is not just about speakers talking about their experience with React, but we also provide you with the opportunity to get your hands dirty in a one day workshop where you can choose to attend 1 of 4 coding events.

But since workshop requires the attendees to have their laptops, which will eventually have you running around for a charging station, we have arranged the workshop to happen in ballrooms of the 5 five star hotel where you will be staying.

Conference Area Concepts

Conference Hangar Area Concepts

Conference Hangar Area Concepts


This is a 3-day event with an expected attendance of 500 (including speakers and organizers). So arrangements have to be made to get tasty, local, freshly made, and nutritious food at suits everyone’s dietary preferences. Also, healthy drinks are arranged to ensure that you don’t dehydrate after spending the entire day on the beach.

Food Area at Planet Hollywood Breakfast

Swag 😎

Knowledge and networking are all well and good, but any good conference also has that something extra we call “Swag”.

We thank Stickermule and Dev.To for providing us with some really cool merchandise!

Attendees at React India will get a cool React India T-Shirt, a Bag, some flyers and more! You will also be able to get some cool stuff from React India’s sponsors such as AWS, Crystallize, PayPal, NestAway, BuilderX, and more!


Organizing international conferences involves a whole lot of logistics. Everything from coordinating transportation to and from the event to coordinating with various other entities that are involved in organizing the event. Logistics requires an extreme level of attention to every minute detail about the event.

Crew and Volunteers

React India also appreciates all of its crew members and volunteers that have come forward to help bring up this amazing event. They are doing for no monetary compensation from the organizers. They are only getting a free React India ticket that includes all the possible perks that come with it.


These costs include the expenses around branding, printing posters, putting up banners, and all other kinds of graphics. These things require the touch of a professional who can provide us with a quality of work required for an international event such as React India.

Wrapping up…

This is the very first edition of React India 2019. And while this brings a lot of excited feelings regarding its future, it also brings a few obstacles. First, companies are shy to become sponsors as they are not sure about the success of the event. We very much appreciate all these companies that have agreed to sponsor React India 2019!


Click here to know more about how your company can become a sponsor to React India and all the perks that come with it. (PS: Sponsors get free tickets!)

What’s Next?

We are constantly working towards making sure that React India runs smoothly. What we would like you to do is to book your tickets to this amazing events ASAP!

We would appreciate it a lot if you could purchase our diversity tickets! These tickets are our way of helping underprivileged developers from all over the country to attend this event.

Diversity/Scholarship Program React India 2022

Or you can try and convince your boss to buy a React India Ticket for you 😛. Here are few points to help you out.

Convince your boss to buy you a React India ticket
Or buy it yourself! You won’t regret it

I hope to see you there soon! Hit me up on Twitter if you would like to know more about React India 2019!